We are looking for submissions of poetry chapbooks in the range of 16 to 40 pages. Please send us work that is well crafted. Many poems start out as a purge, but the work (for publication) doesn’t end there. Help me to see that there are more layers than what is on the page. Much of the best poetry is like ogres or onions or parfaits. Submissions with a theme or something that makes the chapbook a cohesive whole have a better chance.

Please submit via the form in our submissions link. Poems should be in one .doc or .docx file. Your file should contain 16-40 pages of poetry, no more than one poem per page unless the poems are very short. Please include a table of contents (does not count toward the page total). Do NOT put your name or a bio in the manuscript. The submission manager will take care of that. Note that you will need to create a free account for the submission manager. You will get an email confirmation when you set up the account. Use the buttons near the top of the page, not the links at the bottom.

Currently open for submissions? No. We expect to be open for submissions during the summer.

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