Blood Quantum & Other Hate Crimes


in Blood Quantum, Métis poet Marsheila Rockwell gives us a “howl of defiance against erasure” writes Chris La Tray, while exploring life in the in-between.
These works deal with family, culture, the disappearance of indigenous women and children, and the frustration of being stereotyped. The poet shares pain, revenge and wry humor.


In BLOOD QUANTUM, Métis poet Marsheila Rockwell has delivered nothing less than a howl of defiance against erasure. Erasure of culture and of language. Erasure of experience and personhood. Erasure of an entire people’s identity and what that means for subsequent generations struggling to return to a place they’ve never been. As a Métis person myself, I’m reminded of Louis Riel’s prediction that after a century it is the artists who will return our spirit to us. With this mighty chapbook, Marsheila Rockwell is indication that Riel was correct.
— Chris La Tray, Montana State Poet Laureate and author of
Becoming Little Shell: A Landless Indian’s Journey Home


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